Animal Crossing Log

Pix and other progress-related things regarding the development of Danitown.

About 1 Month In


So far I've put in a little over 130 hours into this game. I have lots of cute little villagers in my commune now. Tipper, Biff, Merengue...


I've spent many bells and days moving buildings around and building cliffs to make the landscape a little more that I'm sortof done with the basics I can get back to upgrading my home. I've still got a lot to work on ~~


The First Few Days


In most Animal Crossing games, I like to spend a lot of time building and decorating my home. Though I plan on being more active in the overall development of the town, in the first week of the game I'd been doing lots of house stuff:


I love making a really cozy place, with every room having a different theme to it. My kitchen is playing K.K. Rockin' right now. :3 Today I chatted with my brother and hung out at his/my town for a while. It was fun and bizarre; we hardly ever text or call eachother.