OK storytime everyone~~

I was at (my teacher) Bob's studio when I noticed at the entrance he left these cards for a show he was hosting/helping out in. I took one and had it on my fridge for a long time. When that Coronavirus shit went down and I had to leave my dorm, I happened to forget about storing this card; it followed me to my new apartment. With a lot of my teachers asking for "quarantine art" projects, I wanted to do something a little funny and laid back, despite the really weird and troubling things I'm going though at the moment...ahhhh

I really don't like bugs. I could tell you all some stupid stories of mine but I feel like they'd make me sound insane. Like that one time I taped my mouth and ears shut and slept on a sheet of cardboard under my bed to prevent a moth from crawling into my roommate at the time was a little freaked out when she woke up ahahahhaha

This is my first time making a Twine game myself, I mean I've done it before but I'm new to actually programming visual elements and stuff. It's kinda fun though it took so much longer than I thought it would. I wish I'd added more choices to this game but it was mean to exist as a "7-day documentation" so I dunno, I just stuck with what I already had.